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Hello! My name is Stacie and I am a licensed massage therapist in Cleveland, OH. I graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage in April 2023. My area of expertise is relaxation massage and deep tissue massage, using moderate to firm pressure that can be adjusted according to your needs. In addition to massage, I offer additional services such as hot stone therapy, cupping, and an exfoliating foot scrub to enhance your relaxation experience. Lotus Moon Massotherapy operates from a home setting, which allows me to offer these services at a more affordable price compared to traditional spas. My goal is to help as many people as possible in the Cleveland community, relieving chronic pain and stress through the power of massage.

Services & Pricing

1 hour relaxation massage $50.00

90 minute relaxation massage $60.00

30 minute relaxation massage $30.00

Hot stone therapy $10.00

Cupping therapy $10.00

Exfoliating foot scrub $10.00

All services include complimentary warm towels & aromatherapy


Add on services

Package Deals

Sweet Escape (3 ) 90 Min Massages $170

Sweet Escape (3) 1 Hour Massages $140

Refer a friend & receive $5 off your next appointment

1 hour deep tissue massage $70.00

90 min deep tissue massage $80.00

pink and purple sky during daytime
pink and purple sky during daytime

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calm body of water overlooking trees under milky way

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6716 Wakefield Ave Cleveland, OH 44102

Phone: 216-630-1748

Email: lotusmoonmassotherapy@gmail.com

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